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24 Mar 15 - 19:00

Why american women equal japanese men Single women love to hate valentine's day.For twenty four hours, the holiday disrupts their usually satsifying singledom and tells them it's morally reprehensible to be alone.In order to be complete they need a mate.On the other hand, there are some males who despise valentines for a different reason.They look past the mental harassment focused on the stigma of being alone.Instead, they are the few enlightened of the species who clearly see the emotional corruption that lies behind the candy, card, and flower companies that are out to sell love by extorting money from already emaciated wallets.Since a majority of the wallets are supposed to belong to men, it seems natural that men Should be a bit more cognizant of these so called love crimes promoting only a sick blend of commercial love and calories.Seriously though, godiva chocolates will taste just as expensive and delicious cheap louis vuitton any other day of the year, no? So in america, it's a given:While women hate valentine's day because it advertises their failure at proper socialization and suddenly equates"Being alone"With"Loneliness" (Despite every other day"Being alone"Meaning"Being single"Targeting women as proud independent individuals who are free from the confines of traditional gender roles), men are no big fans either a cause to their aversion to store bought love, especially when what they really want is usually free. (In some cases, free requires a nice dinner out.Although, for some home cooked meals if prepared correctly score bonus points. ) Realistically, v day might as well be equated with vagina day, as it is simply all about the women.Of course, there are those lucky gents who are in the company of very special ladies who tend to treat their boy/man with extra special chocolate favors and sexual goodies on these days. (Sometimes both! )But these amazing women are often rare and impossible to find. However, this essay is not here to expound upon these mundane and redundant musings of vagina power and an anti valentine revolution.I would like to discuss the unique and recent emergence of another type of man who suffers emotionally and feels the pangs of socially defined loneliness like a single woman.This rare breed of man exists in another continent far far away from the great americas. We now take you to japan, where valentine's day has meta morphed into a man's holiday.Where women and more often prepubescent schoolgirls take a break from being transfixed with their short skirts and hello kitty underwear to dedicate themselves to spending all their hard earned money to purchase(No not louis vuitton baguettes the bag, not the bread)Gifts for their significant others and spend wads of cash on the most expensive(Animal shaped)Chocolates, bouquets of even more overpriced flowers, and shirts, ties, shoes, socks.And a myriad of every other item manufactured with a little ralph lauren polo emblem. If you thought v day in america was bad, visit japan.Where the v is a short for victory for corporations.Valentine's day has become such a red and pink commercial and business induced orgy, that there are now two days celebrating this holy day of superficial love.Invented at the whim of the candy companies a decade ago, white day was born as the female counterpart to valentine's day.Naturally, it comes later after the grander(Real)Holiday, and receives less attention and importance.But the candy companies still cash in pretty big with these dual holidays. The truth is, japanese women have a slight tendency to be obsequious.Their lives center around being as beautiful as possible, and their definitions of beauty tend to be tantamount to western ideals therefore, slightly ridiculous if you consider their genetic make up, physical characteristics, and general environmental discrepancies.But these factors of common sense do not matter, as evident in the behavior of young girls who at the outset of junior high willingly and proudly wear their short(Barely covering their ass)Skirts in the middle of blizzards. Moreover, adult women purposely wear five inch stiletto heels in rain, snow, sleet, and occasionally through volcanic lava to add that extra inch of skin on their lean legs which nicely complement their anorexic pale bodies.Additionally, you will never see a japanese woman without make up, as she wakes up hours before her household to avoid confrontation with her husband who would probably suspect an intruder had broken into his home and fallen asleep beside him.Whereas the quest for superficiality easily begins in the attractive united states, the path ends in japan, home to the seductive and at times irrationally fashionable japanese female. Therefore, after reaching the zenith of superficial beauty, the natural next step is the seeking of superficial love.Fortunately, this outlet is conveniently provided by february 14.The thing about the japanese that my mother warned me about is that as far as material possessions are concerned, they don't care about anything but price and brand names.Much like the states, frugality is something to be ashamed of.They want only big names, oftentimes not minding truly grotesque appearances.As long as there are two intersecting golden cs, and the little tag buy louis vuitton online uk reads:Made in italy, it's all gravy. It is safe to assume that many big name department stores are crowded at all hours of the day in the weeks preceding v day a male friend of mine accompanied his wife to a more expensive depato named isetan, so she could buy valentine chocolates for her father in law.Despite the fact that her father in law was not particularly fond of chocolates,(Most japanese drinkers do not like chocolate.My friend noted that the entire food floor of isetan was packed with crazy consumers all scurrying to find the priciest godiva chocolates sand fighting each other off in their mission to purchase sweet sweet love. Perhaps, they are thinking maybe if i buy the biggest box of chocolates, i will feel the biggest amount of love.Although, i suspect that the most likely scenario will result in her devouring the biggest box of chocolates(Because her boyfriend doesn't fucking like chocolate, since he's an alcoholic)And getting a stomach ache. Anyways, after dodging a few near death experiences with stiletto heels, it dawned on my friend that he louis vuitton uk store was the only man in this vast wasteland of high calories.Women were blindly following the commands of their masters:The ingenius advertising and delicious chocolate companies. But i digress, as this vista into valentine's day is not intended to comment only on the intense obsessive compulsive submissive approval seeking questing after ephemeral love behavior that befalls women.Although, it is important to consider the exception to this general rule(As there are always exceptions to an generalization).Since i work with high school students, i can present to you an objective(Subjective)Analysis of adolescent behaviors during this holiday. First, there are the good looking, popular, and athletic boys who have half the schoolgirls in their class vying for their attention and who worship them at their beckoning call.These boys are so well endowed, that they can easily get away with acting like complete dicks, for instance throwing gum wrappers at girls who graciously supplied the gum. In response to being littered at these females giggle light heartedly as if littering or being considered litter is one of the goals they strive for in life.In a sense, maybe these boys are correct to irreverently wield their higher status, since every obnoxious thing they do is interpreted as endearing or flirtatious. It's genetics maybe?Good looks? Perhaps, they retain this special status, because they sport dazzling white smiles in a population of notoriously bad teeth.Or is there some other baffling and mysterious explanation? These boys are the equivalent to the pouty lipped girls in america who are both head and hot cheerleader, the girl that every boy lusts after, and is always with a boyfriend or multiples.She is the one with the bigger boobs, thanks to either plastic surgery, her mom, or the miracle bra.She's the one modeling a new piece of jewelry every day, because an admirer saw it and realized it was meant for her.She's the one that model scouts both genuine and con artists approach and offer her a chance of a lifetime for only $500 down. Realistically though, how many girls are there in the world like that?The rest of us the rest of the boys in japan.They suffer the same fate as the"Not that attractive, but not downright fugly"Girls out there who are struggling to accept and love themselves while attempting to reject that impossible dream of looking like a maybelline model, which in realistically shouldn't be that difficult, because everyone knows that revlon girls are the prettiest anyway. I saw these boys on the train this valentine's day.The regular boys who look regular.They don't wear dazzling smiles.Their hair is parted evenly and neatly.They don't stink.As much.They are just nondescript, and they don't laugh.Ever. They louis vuitton shop online uk usually wear glasses.The cute ones do too, but the glasses look cute on them.On the regs, its more like glasses my dentist wears.Hold on, lemme check.Yea, they are. I was watching the silent drama of the train ride unfold.No one was actually talking, but i felt the thoughts of all the players coagulate into into a web of tension and correlation.All the schoolgirls carried extra bags filled with with chocolates and presents to the soundtrack of inane chattering and giggling about which boy was most deserving of their hearts.They whisper and point as saliently as possible for everyone to notice and glance at which cute boy she is gabbing about. The popular cute boys do not even pretend to notice or show any interest in their fan club.All they think about is the impending rush of goodies they will receive during first period.They will score so much chocolate today.It's a good thing they skipped breakfast. But alas, a quick survey of the train riders will show that there are only one or two cute boys present.Everyone else(The rest of the fifty boys i travel with each morning)They are the regular joes, who probably woke up this morning with an acute sense of dread and doom.Because while the cute boys will be covered with pink lipstick stains on their collars and cheeks, and mouths full of tongue, chocolate, or other divine sweets they will be studying their little english or biology

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